Magellan, Channel & Port Pilotage

For vessels navigating through Chilean Southern Channels and the Strait of Magellan, maneuvering at the different Ports in Peru or sailing Upriver in Argentina, we are at your entire service to timely and efficiently arrange for the needed pilotage options. Check with us on costing and the different requirements as per regulations in force. We are the experts and will be very happy to assist!

Blue, compulsory for all vessels.

Red, Compulsory for all vessels calling chilean ports.

The Magellan Strait (Estrecho de Magallanes) is a passage located at the southern tip of South America, among the Chilean Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego Island and a number of islands to the West. It is the most important natural passage between the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. The Strait, in its whole length, belongs to the Republic of Chile and it is part of the XII Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica (Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena). Its eastern access is surrounded by Argentinean waters. In accordance with Chile-Argentina international treaties of 1881 and 1984, the access and sailing from and to the eastern mouth is accessible to vessels of all nations, at any time and circumstances.

The transit of the Magellan Strait is done under compulsory pilotage for all vessels. Nevertheless and only if the vessel will do a Ocean to Ocean crossing, the use of pilots can be avoided between Punta Arenas and the occidental side of the strait.
Below you will find all relevant information about crossing the Magellan Strait
At B&M we are always coordinating vessels going through the Magellan strait. If you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Magellan Strait Transit for Vessels Calling or Proceeding to/ from Chilean Ports

The compulsory navigation under pilots for the Magellan Strait transit is from Posesion Bay P.S. up to Ancud P.S. or vice versa (please see red line).

Pilot Stations are lovaled at following positions:
Posesion Bay LAT 52º 22’ 00’’ S – LONG 69º 01’ 00’’ W

Ancud: LAT 41º 47’ 00’’ S – LONG 73º 51’ 11’’ W
LAT 41º 47’ 00’’ S – LONG 73º 49’ 11’’ W
LAT 41º 48’ 18’’ S – LONG 73º 51’ 21’’ W
LAT 41º 48’ 18’’ S – LONG 73º 49’ 28’’ W

For vesseis over 230 mts. LOA and over 11 mts. draft must transfer the pilots at Laitec P.S. LAT 43º 19’ 00’’ S – LONG 73º 36’ 00’’ W

Pilote services have to be requested 72 hrs. advance.

Vessels over 230 mts. have a 40% discount on the standard pillotage fees if vessel does not navigate any inner Patagonian Channels, wich we as agents will instruct master accordingly.